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Impronta Band Ring - GIFT CARD

Gift Card, 18kt Yellow Gold


L'Essenziale Cozy Charm

White opal paste


L'Essenziale Cozy Charm

Light blue opal paste


Sissi Earring

Turquoise, 18kt Yellow Gold

$245.00 Single


Pink Enamel, 18kt and 9kt Yellow Gold

$280.00 Single

Jamila Necklace

White Diamonds, 18kt and 9kt Yellow Gold


Delizioso Forza Chain Ring

18kt Yellow Gold


L'Essenziale Ricamo Bracelet - Gift Card

Gift Card, 18kt Yellow Gold


L'Essenziale Forza Bracelet - Gift Card

Gift Card, 18kt Yellow Gold


Lettera Ring - Online Exclusive

9kt Yellow Gold


Tibet Necklace

Red Silk, 9kt Yellow Gold


Vienna Bracelet

18kt Yellow Gold, Rose Gold, White Gold


Cristal Bracelet

Amethyst, 18kt Yellow Gold


Doha Necklace

18kt Yellow Gold, Titanium


Cristal Bracelet

Citrine Quartz, 18kt Yellow Gold


Cristal Bracelet

Rock Crystal, 18kt Yellow Gold


Dalia Earring

Tiger eye, 9kt Yellow Gold

$275.00 Single

Dea Ring

9kt Yellow Gold


Dea Ring

9kt Rose Gold


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