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The return of spring

Pink Enamel, 18kt and 9kt Yellow Gold

USD 280.00


Pink Enamel, 18kt and 9kt Yellow Gold


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Earring in 9/18kt gold and enamel. A stud that embodies the playful aspirations of the younger wearer with a lighthearted and carefree touch. Ideal as a gift to celebrate a birth, special event or new beginning, its versatility means it is also perfect for the more mature wearer, adding a delightful naïf touch to more classic, luxury styles.
Like the other models in the same collection, the enamelled miniature work is carried out by hand and may therefore feature slight variations. This is inherent to their creation and makes each piece special and unique.

  • 9/18 kt yellow gold and enamel
  • Available in: pink & white, blue & yellow
  • Hand enamelled

This Atelier VM creation comes in a paper box and a reusable cotton case embellished with colourful tassels.

We strongly advise avoiding contact with ammonia, perfume, creams and chlorine. This jewel may be cleaned using a special polishing cloth or simply warm water and mild soap. Alternatively, use a special immersion bath, then dry the jewel well with a soft cloth.
Express Shipping - receive your order in 1-4 days. Please check the jewel’s availability at checkout. Any import taxes and charges are not included.
You may return your purchases, except customised jewels and those from the welded L’Essenziale collection, within 14 working days. We do not accept returns from non-EEC countries, except for the UK.
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