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Atelier VM’s designs always tell a story. They are inspired by nature, animals, loved ones, words, secrets, details and fragments that translate into precious poetry.
Like in an alchemical laboratory, a memory can become a ring, a season a bracelet, a sensation a necklace, and vice versa

Jewellery from Atelier VM materializes the intangible gifts of life. Once worn, these jewels grow with us, taking the shape of our fingers, wrists and necks. Seasonality is less important to the brand than making sense of an era. An Atelier VM design is at the same time something ethereal and something solid, a symbol that stays with you. This is our little alchemical secret.


Atelier VM’s romantic minimalism is born out of a promise made 23 years ago. That of not adding anything superfluous to the world. In 1998, Marta Caffarelli and Viola Naj Oleari founded their atelier

The first commissions came from Barneys New York where their subtle style was an immediate success. In 2002 they opened their first boutique in Milan in the charming Piazza Sant’Eustorgio, and five years later they moved to Via Cesare Correnti in the city’s Cinque Vie district. Thus began a period of growth, of journeys and discovery and chance encounters.

The wandering, yet determined spirit of the minds behind the brand gave them the strength to overcome not one but two economic crises. In the spring of 2014, Atelier VM launched L’Essenziale, the first bracelet in the history of jewelry-making, welded directly onto the body. L’Essenziale, a concept as much as an ornament, has transformed the classical canons of goldsmithery. This indelible object, which welds our relationships directly onto our wrists through a gold thread, is already an iconic design.

In 2015, Atelier VM opened in Paris in Le Bon Marché, the world’s first and most avant garde department store. Since then, the brand has continued to grow, opening a second store in Milan’s Brera design district, one in London’s historic department store, Liberty, three corner boutiques in Rinascente in Rome, Turin and Milan, as well as a corner boutique in Nordstrom New York.


Inside Atelier VM’s workshop, each step in the making of a piece of jewellery, from its design to its packaging, is meticulously curated and made in Italy. Handmade elements are always present throughout the process of creating these minimalist and unique designs.

After completing their studies in Industrial Design and Goldsmithery, Viola and Marta opened their first atelier, designing and making jewellery by hand. Passionate and curious, over time, they acquired a deep knowledge and appreciation of Italy’s artisanal traditions. Together, they found sophisticated craftsmen and craftswomen with whom they worked and created VM’s distinct and delicate aesthetic.

Goldsmiths, cabinetmakers, engravers, stone cutters and weavers are just some of the artisans with whom Atelier VM has built long-lasting relationships and developed an innovative goldsmithery in line with their distinctive designs: jewellery that is ethereal and subtle, yet solid and profound.

The core material used by Atelier VM is 18kt and 9kt ethical gold (Responsible Jewelry Council). In addition, careful research and attention has been devoted to sourcing precious and semi precious stones from specialized and certified businesses, as well as to the selection of the most delicate chains, another distinctive aspect of the brand.


Atelier VM has become a house, a corporate environment formed around the close and harmonious relationships of its faithful clientele, passionate and talented collaborators and a number of influential public personalities.

Since its founding, Atelier VM has collaborated with fashion houses (Missoni, Anna Molinari, La Perla, Nike) as well as artists, designers, photographers, journalists and influencers.

A special thanks throughout the years to Fabrizio Ruffo, Sara Goldschmied, Eleonora Chiari, Nicola De Rosa, Flaminia Veronesi, Dominique Fury, Francesco Nazardo, Chiara Clarke, Victoria Cabello, Alessandra Dragoni, Davide Agrati, Alessandra Pomarico.

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