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L’Essenziale Welded Love Stories

A film in five episodes by Alberto Caffarelli and Matteo Erenbourg produced by Atelier VM

Atelier VM celebrates L'Essenziale - the most iconic, relational and performative of its creations - through the commission of new works inspired by this emblematic jewel conceived in 2014. The desire to make L'Essenziale, once again, capable of telling stories and interpreting feelings, gives rise to the collaboration with the directors Alberto Caffarelli and Matteo Erenbourg, of the collective Alterazioni Video - recognized in the contemporary art world. The result is L'Essenziale Welded Love Stories, a film in five episodes, a direct homage to Jean Luc Godard, father of the Nouvelle Vague. Reinterpreting select cult scenes from a master of revolutionary cinema, this film seeks to communicate the intimately bold act of love by those welding a L'Essenziale piece around their bodies. References and quotations playfully abund: the plots, the interiors, the handheld camera, the use of natural light, non-professional actors, and the vibrant original soundtrack; the camera moves sensually around the protagonists, while the mood alternates between bohemian atmospheres, queer romanticism, and familiar settings. Seductively playing with unconventional beauty, subtle elegance, tenderness, and irreverence, each episode succeeds in enhancing love in all its forms.

We glimpse at L'Essenziale on the wrists of two women of different generations, probably a grandmother with her granddaughter, while they wash their hands or gently caress each other; we see it on the arms of two friends (perhaps lovers?) as they read, play and laze on the terrace; the bracelet appears again on the bodies of a couple waking up, and on the hands of three bewildered friends having fun at the cafe; finally it enlaces a young girl letting herself go in a wild and liberating dance. Common situations become extraordinary moments, reflecting the nature of a jewel as simple as it is unique, created to state and confirm our deepest ties. With a non-linear, deliberately open and allusive narration, the film evokes the meaning and impulse behind this creation: whether it is a memory, the relationship between two lovers, maternal love, friendship or a deep connection with oneself - L’Essenziale marks the moment and extends it over time.

episode 1


L’Essenziale, on the wrist of those in your heart.

A memory or a long-awaited gatehring. Familiar, reassuring gestures weave into the action of an embrace.

episode 2


L’Essenziale dances on you.

Two friends are waiting for someone to arrive or for something to happen. Suddenly, the spark of a third one joining. Irreverently, the three improvise a dance that slowly takes their whole body and the center of the room.

episode 3


L’Essenziale gives you back time.

A springtime afternoon on the roofs of the city. Two women read, play and laze in the sun, abandoning themselves to the pleasure of leaving everything else outside.

episode 4


L’Essenziale, the link with your freedom.

Alone in the house, a young girl throws herself into a wild and liberating dance, improvising on the furniture, defying gravity and breaking the mold.

episode 5


L’Essenziale, the promise of a moment.

Waking up to a sweet and full of intimacy daily morning routine. It seems the right moment to share a couple of important questions on the nature of love.

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