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From poetic jewellery to experiential design e
Twenty-five years of Atelier VM told in a book and an exhibition

Atelier VM celebrates its first twenty-five years of activity with a book published by Corraini Edizioni and an exhibition curated by Milovan Farronato, in the rooms of an ancient palazzo at 14 Via Cesare Correnti in Milan, from 21 to 24 March 2024.

More than a point of arrival, it is a new departure, a joyful sharing of a project in continuous evolution with all those who over the years have participated in the work of Atelier VM, at the crossroads of art, design and entrepreneurship.


First shooting in Rome, 1999
ph Sara Goldschmied

Marta and Viola, 2004
ph Sara Goldschmied

Aperta necklace, 18kt gold and horn, 1998
Fiammifero necklace, 18kt gold and 925 silver, 1998

ph Nicola de Rosa


The first floor of an old disused building at no. 14 Via Cesare Correnti, a few steps away from one of the two city flagship stores, hosts an exhibition that celebrates twenty-five years of creativity, passion and experimentation. Amidst old tapestries and period flooring, Atelier VM's typical imagery and atmospheres manifest themselves in a setting full of references, in which the works come to life, are reflected and open up to new interpretations.  

The exhibition offers the opportunity to observe jewellery in its making, to mingle with the telling of a story that is always personal and intimate, to observe how jewellery inhabits bodies and dances on them.

Curated by Milovan Farronato, the exhibition includes works by artists and friends who have collaborated with Marta and Viola over time, such as Flaminia Veronesi, the Goldschmied & Chiari duo, photographers Fabrizio Ruffo, Nicola de Rosa and Francesco Nazardo, and filmmakers Alberto Caffarelli and Matteo Erenbourg.

Campaign photography since 1998


A book celebrates the history of Atelier VM, an innovative jewelry brand made in Milan Halfway between a diary, a scrapbook and a critical reflection, the publication created with the Corraini publishing house retraces the history of VM from its beginnings. The protagonists are two young friends who, starting from a small reality, have created a real company, predominantly female and rigorously made in Milan.

The central body of the book is composed of three critical texts, inevitably imbued with affection and poetry given the nature of the project, and an in-depth conversation with the two founders. The volume is completed by testimonials, archival materials, drawings, sketches and a rich photographic collection.

Between personal memories and anecdotes, a strong vision emerges that, combined with intuition, determination, a sense of responsibility and an indomitable creative spirit, has led Atelier VM to revolutionize the classic canons of jewelry and goldsmithing with real formal, aesthetic and relational innovations.

With texts by Domitilla Dardi, Milovan Farronato and Alessandra Pomarico, and the conversation with Marta and Viola, the book will soon be available at Atelier VM stores, on the website and in selected bookshops and bookstores.

Marta e Viola, 2024
ph Goldschmied & Chiari

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