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18kt gold jewellery welded on to the body.
Available from all Atelier VM shops.

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Discover all the L'Essenziale collections. Choose a welded jewel from bracelets, necklaces and anklets.

If you want, you can customize your chosen welded jewel with charms from the L'Essenziale collection.

By purchasing the gift card on-line, those who receive it will be able to go to all Atelier VM selling points to solder L'Essenziale and experience the first and authentic jewel welded onto the body.


Atelier VM tells a new story, straddling heaven and earth. The tale of an ideal universe governed by the ability to feel in harmony with all. The new bracelet soldered onto the wrist Tenace creates a balance between tenacity and lightness. Around it, four 18kt gold and diamond charms orbit and intertwine, creating a perfect gear.


The bracelet welded onto the wrist was born in 2014, still without a name. It was the urgency of an idea, the idea of attaching a memory to the body so as not to let it escape. A decisive idea called L'Essenziale. A revolution in the canons of classic jewellery, innovative and unique, L'Essenziale immediately becomes an iconic object never seen before. A piece of jewellery that becomes an experience, a gesture, a relationship: it is 'welded love', a golden thread that wraps itself around the wrist to seal and celebrate union in all its forms. Subtle and with a refined soul, L'Essenziale holds a presence, it binds us intimately, it is a promise, it reconnects us to someone or something, even simply to ourselves. In 2020, L'Essenziale moves from the hands to the heart and becomes a necklace. In 2021 a new anklet adds grace to one's pace.


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