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A golden breeze of innovation

Atelier VM on 21 March 2024 during the celebration of its 25th anniversary presented a new and innovative project.

“Alchemy is the art of transforming one substance into another, turning a base metal into gold, it is the power to create something magical, spiritual and eternal. Atelier VM is an alchemical workshop, where a ring, stone, bracelet or pendant, become a feeling, memory, season, or a person.”

It is precisely by starting from these words that have distinguished the brand since its beginnings that Atelier VM creates a new spell, a secret recipe, and does so with a broad outlook, from inside to outside and all around, light and deep at the same time.
And this is how Atelier VM describes it to us:

Gold is through the roof!
Inspired by the world around us,
driven by its constant demands,
explorer of creative solutions,
devoted to serene and graceful shapes;
a different metal joins us.
The innovative “3Kt” alloy is now available and opens the
door to a new gold and fresh possibilities.
The blend of pure gold with other metals
such as copper and silver


The Bloom collection is the first made with the new 3Kt alloy.
Nature inspires, spreads, soothes and creates.
Flowers and foliage gathered in bunches from archives and reassembled in a laser-cut metal sheet are transformed into large, luminous and light earrings. A bouquet inspired by the rich vegetation of a botanical garden, delicate and exotic: Jacaranda, Camellia, Lily, Bamboo.

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